Import existing users


I am trying to import existing fba users to the aspnetdb. How i can import sitecollection permissions for the fbausers. In which tables i can find the site collection permissions for fbausers. Do we have any script to add all users permissions to the new site collection. Please help...

Import them from where? All the permissions are set in SharePoint, so I'd say in most cases you'd have some SharePoint groups setup that would have the appropriate permissions and you'd just add the users to the groups.

If you want to copy permissions from one site collection to another, there's some info here:

i have more than thousand users in existing sharepoint aspnetdb. I imported all users to aspnet_membership and aspnet_users table, but i don't know how i can import sharepoint groups from existing sharepoint Database. Do we have information about which user belongs to which group. Do we have any easy way of adding users to the group.

Usually different site collections have different permissions assigned. If it's the same site collection, why not just restore or import the site collection which will import all of the site permissions:

If you don't want to do an import, here's a powershell script that might get you started: