Invalid email addresses cause problem in FBA Membership Requests Management list

A site collection administrator who handles registrations has noticed the following.

If the user enters an invalid email address, there is no error message, and this request never makes it to the FBA Membership Requests Management list, but appears in the FBA User Management list with no name. So, these users are lost, because we do not have enough info to process these requests.

These invalid email addresses usually consist of the first portion of their group email address, and not the "" portion of it. This is causing us to do extra work in contacting the company, finding the user and have them resubmit correctly.

I realize that the reason you removed the email validation is becuase it was too strict and that was causing failures. But we have to concern ourselves with users from outside companies who just assume we built this site for them and don't bother filling the email address out correectly.

Do you have anyway of validating the email field outside of your webpart, like with a JQuery function? Or is there a way we can get these missing account into a position where we can correct and approve them? Thanks.
If you've just got the membership request web part on a single standard page, you could add a content editor web part to add javascript to the page to do the validation:

If it's an application page you've created, you can add the javascript directly to the page.

If you use the membership request web part in multiple places, you might want to edit the FBA Pack source code so that the validation is always included everywhere it's used. You should just have to modify the 'CreateUserStepTemplate.ascx' template to add the validation.