Is it possible to change a users login?


One of my user's needed their email changed. I changed the username in the database, like so.

update aspnet_Users set username = '', loweredusername = '' where UserName like '%sjm%'

After updating, I was able to edit the user in FBA User Managment, but he still can't login with the new username.

Anyone have any ideas?

This should work. Can other users login ok?

What's the error when logging in? If it's a username/password error - then ensure the proper password has been set. If you're getting Access Denied, then you have to give this user permissions to the SharePoint site.

Note that SharePoint matches the SharePoint user profile to the database login based on username - so by changing the username on the database, it looks like a brand new user to SharePoint. If you want to additionally move the user's existing user profile to map to this username, then look up migrating users in SharePoint.


Thanks for your helpful comment.
according to our organization policies changes, we needs to change all usernames in FBA users. for example, the usernames had been created with personal code should be replaced with Staves names. thus, is there any solution to keep the ex-usernames setting such as profile, permissions and so on?


Unfortunately there’s no simple way through the ui. You’d have to change the username via sql like shown above. Then you’d have to use SharePoint powershell commands to migrate the user: