IsInSharePoint = No

I had internal staff adding users to the fba user list for our customer portal. Apparently they did not have the adequate permissions. The user record is in the ASPNET database but the IsInSharePoint value = No and their full name is missing.

What is the easiest way to clean this up? How do I allow staff to manage this list without giving them full control over the site?

Right - if users are added directly to the aspnetdb, SharePoint doesn't know about them (IsInSharePoint = No) until either:
1) they are added to a sharepoint group
2) they log in.

Also, the full name is stored directly in SharePoint.

So if you don't want to use the FBA Pack interface to fully add the users with names, you'll have to add them through Powershell. One solution that I did up in the past for a client was a powershell script for adding the users from a CSV file that they edited in excel.
When I add a user using the Manage Forms Based Authenticated Users form, they get added to SharePoint. When customer service adds a user on the same form, they do not get added to SharePoint. I'm guessing it's a sharepoint permission issue but I haven't solved it.
Only site collection admins should have access to the form, so everybody should have the same level of permissions.

When customer service adds the user, do they add the user to a group?
They do not. We have a custom list we use to manage site permissions. A lookup of subsite and a people picker. The user CS adds does not show up in the people picker.
I gave her full control under site permissions and now it works. Didn't have to be a collection admin.
That is very strange. It's hard coded to require the user be a site collection admin. Have you customized the FBA Pack at all? Or is it just the standard download from CodePlex?