Issue installing Sharepoint2013

I am logged onto the sharepoint server as domain admin and have been trying to run the deploy script as follows

when running the script I get the following error

PS C:\temp> .\deploy https://ServerName.DomainName/sites/Internalusers
Going to uninstall feature
Going to uninstall solution
Waiting for job to finish
Waiting to finish job solution-deployment-visigo.sharepoint.formsbasedauthentication.wsp-0........Finished waiting for job..
Going to remove solution
Going to add solution

Name SolutionId Deployed

visigo.sharepoint.formsbase... 956715d5-f34c-4b00-bfb7-8c35d5fa0f62 False
Going to install solution to all web applications
Waiting for job to finish
Waiting to finish job solution-deployment-visigo.sharepoint.formsbasedauthentication.wsp-0.....Finished waiting for job.
Deactivating/activating active features to ensure activation script is run
Going to enable Feature
Enable-spfeature : The Feature is not a Farm Level Feature and is not found in a Site level defined by the Url
At C:\temp\Activate.ps1:29 char:2
  • Enable-spfeature -identity $featureName -confirm:$false -url $url
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    • CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (Microsoft.Share...etEnableFeature:SPCmdletEnableFeature) [Enable-SPFeature
      ], SPCmdletException
    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell.SPCmdletEnableFeature
I think it's an issue with the url you're using. You need to use the url to a Site Collection, not an individual site. Alternatively you can leave the url out, but then you will have to manually activate the feature in Site Settings -> Site Collection Features.


Thank you for the response

I am a little confused as in SharePoint if I navigate to Site Collection Administrators, it says the site collection is

Peter Newman
Managing Director

Cashbacs International Limited
The Boathouse Business Centre
1 Harbour Square
Nene Parade
PE13 3BH

I also get the same errors as PeteN. when running the script and I have tried it without the url as well and the same errors in sharepoint powershell.
You get the same errors when you just run:


with no parameters?

I just find that strange, since the errors he has was activation errors, and it shouldn't activate it when no url is provided. Can you please paste the output you're getting in powershell.