Large number of users breaks UsersDisp.aspx


I believe I'm finding that having a large number of FBA users breaks the display of users. I've currently loaded about 35K users from one of our current systems into the aspnetdb and the UsersDisp.aspx page never returns. I've been removing them, 5K at a time, and beginning to get results back at about 23K users, but it takes a while.

Performing a SQL trace, I find that GetAllUsers is being called with a PageSize of 100000.

exec dbo.aspnet_Membership_GetAllUsers @ApplicationName=N'/',@PageIndex=0,@PageSize=100000

So, it appears it tries to get all the users and then I'm guessing (without looking at the code) the pagination is handled from .NET in the returned dataset. GetAllUsers is also called with a PageSize of 100,000 when performing a search, so I can only infer all the users are returned and a "search" is performed by cycling through the results set.

Anyone have any experience with this number of users and how to perhaps make it more efficient?


Unfortunately this is a known issue. It has been raised here:

There is actually a code submission on this issue page that is supposed to make it faster, although I haven't tested it yet.

The speed issues stem from limitations on querying via the membership api, as well as the fact that there are actually 2 sources of user data that have to be combined: the membership database and sharepoint.