Making Visitors group as a Default group




I want save the new users into Visitors group.

Downloaded FBA Pack source code, here i have noticed that the New Users are adding into directly Default (first) SharePoint Group.

web.Groups[request.DefaultGroup].AddUser(Utils.EncodeUsername(request.UserName.ToLower(), web.Site), request.UserEmail, request.FirstName +"" + request.LastName, "Self Registration");


From visiors group setting enabled this group as a Default Group. But still Users adding into first group that are listed in sharepoint groups.

Ex:1. Members, 2. Owners, 3. Vistors, 4. Designers

How can i add the users into group which i want to ?

Thanks & Regards

MD.Liakath Ali



I assume you are talking about the Membership Request web part.  After you add the web part to the page, if you edit the web part settings there is a dropdown where you can select which group you would like to add new users to.


oh thatnk you very much. i have not checked webpart settings.

my problem solved.