Manage Forms Based Authentication Users - not showing any users


I am struggling that I have four sites with the FBA pack in use. Two of these sites work fine, the other two do not show any users in the */_layouts/FBA/Management/UsersDisp.aspx page. I am able to logon, I can add users to the site collection, but for some reason this page does not show any users.

Any idea of what I should look at?

That’s pretty strange - not sure off the top of my head. When you say you add users to the site collection, are you doing it using the same FBA User Management pages? And after they are created they never display? Are the problem site collections in the same web application as the working site collections? If not, i’d guess that there’s something up with the membership provider configuration in the config file, or maybe the wrong membership provider name in Central Admin.

I cannot see any of the fba users in central admin (from any of the member providers and they are all configured in the web.config. The sites that work verses do not are not in the same collection. In the site where I cannot see the users, I can add a user in the site collection (and the site collection does recognize the fba member provider) but no - the users do not show. I tested creating a user (even via registration) they do not show. They can reset their passwords, but never show in the userdisp.aspx page. I have gone through the content config, sts, and central admin like many times to ensure they match.

Very strange. Is this a standard release version of the FBA Pack, or a local build that you’ve made changes to? If it is the standard release, then i’m really not sure what’s going on here - this is the first time i’ve heard of this issue. If it’s a customized version of the FBA Pack, then i’d suggest you take a look at your changes, as well as install the standard release version to see if it works properly.

The one thing you mentioned is that you can’t see the users in central admin - the FBA Pack isn’t meant to be deployed to Central Admin - only individual site collections - so I wouldn’t expect it to work properly in central admin, but should in the other cases. Also, I was wondering more if the sites where it works/doesn’t work are in different web applications - as the membership provider is configured at the web application level.

We did download the pack from github. I had my developer recompile, but I do not think he made changes. The odd part is all four sites (2 are showing the users and 2 that are not) are using the same build. I am thinking that maybe an ‘old artifact’ is maybe in the content database that is creating an issue. I can alway set up an IIS site to manage the users so that may get us by for now.

My best guess would be changes to the code, and easiest way to check that would be the release build to see if that fixes things.