Membership Approved Approved email not sent

Hi Chris

Am having a weird issue on our Production. When users register they receive the Membership Pending email straight away. After approval via the FBA backend in the list some users receive membership approved email with a temporary password and some don’t .

So challenge is if they dont get that second approval email they are unable to logon or reset the password since the account doesnt exist in the final User List . The SP logs are clean in relation to emails . I can see the pending email being sent out but i cant see the Approved email

Not sure if you have faced something similar and can point me in the right direction


That is pretty strange. Do you have a regular expression password validator setup for the membership provider? If so, the password generation doesn’t know how to satisfy it, so could be generating passwords that sometimes fail the regular expression validation - which would cause the approval process to fail.

If it is failing, there really should be an entry in the sharepoint log files. They might not be related to emails though. The next time it happens, search the log for ‘visigo’. I would expect any error messages to reference visigo in them.