Membership review list , deletes and re-create everytime , on feature activation


Membership review list , deletes and re-create everytime , on feature activation.

I have created some custom fields in the Membership list, every time I deploy the solution (adding my custom code) the list got recreated and all data is lost.

Can you please tell me what I need to do in the code , so that on every deployment the list does not get recreated and my data is not lost.

I would probably modify the source of the FBA Pack itself and add the custom fields there. Then every time it is deployed, it will be deployed with your changes.
Thanks Ccoulson for your reply,

Yes I made my changes in the code , from which I am getting custom fields and my changes fine.

Since I need these custom fields data , I am not deleting the Items from Membership List. I get those with a unique Email ID which is no issue.

But every time I make a small change (NOT in membership list) and redeploy the solution the Membership List is deleted and recreated.

Which in turn I lost my whole data from the list. I need to know where I can stop this recreation of the list every time I deploy the solution.

It's in FBAManagement.EventReceiver.cs.

Note however that if you stop the recreation of the list, I don't believe that further changes to the list schema that they will be applied on deploy. Instead you'd have to programmatically add/update the columns on the list.