Modified Membership Webpart not showing data in MembershipReviewList




We have added some new integer fields and String fields (Like Phone, Extension, VerifyEmail and MiddleInitial) to the Membership Webpart. When we careate User, data is being added to the databse but not to the MembershipReviewList. Any pointers would be helpful.



You'd have to add the additional fields to the MembershipReviewList.  Then you'd have to modify MembershipRequest.cs to add the additional fields when records get inserted into the MembershipReviewList.

Also, if you'd like to display the values in the User Management screen, you'd need to modify FBAUsersView.cs to return the extra columns, and then you'd have to modify the UserXXXX.aspx pages to reference the new fields.

BTW, where are you storing this additional data? In the membership database?  If you're going to be sharing it with other applications, that's probably the place to put it.  If you're only going to only be using it in SharePoint, you might want to consider storing it in SharePoint's User Information List.  Then it's easily queried within SharePoint along with the rest of the user's profile information.  As well it will be visible on the user information list pages.


Thanks for the Info,

I have added Extra fields in the FBAUsersView.cs file and fields are shown in the User Management Screen. Now in which UserXXX file do I need to add extra fields so that I can see data in the User Management Screen?



You actually do the data retrieval in FBAUsersView.cs.  You'd edit UserDisp, UserEdit and UserNew to allow displaying + editing of the data in the User Management pages.


I've edited the fields and now when I click on Create user it gives the issue discussed in thread, (I've did all the steps in that article)

When I try to debug it the worker process crashes, (I'm guessing some permissions issue but may be wrong)

Screen shot here (



So you're getting a send mail error, but other outgoing emails from SharePoint work? And you made sure that the email settings are set both under Central Administration -> Outgoing Email settings, as well as on the Manage Web Applications screen?

As for the worker process crashing, are you sure it's crashing and not just timing out? With iis7 you have to set the "Ping Enabled" value to false in the application pool advanced settings, or it will timeout while debugging.


I was not able to see anything about the crash in the IIS logs or so it may be timing out also. Outgoing email settings are enabled in both the places. Something I found today is there is connection between the SharePoint and exchange server, tel netting on port 25 from SharePoint box to exchange fails. So can that cause the issue?



I've just fixed the connection issue, I'm able to telnet and send email from SharePoint server, same issue still persists.



What is the actual error message? What's logged to the log file? If you revert to the released version of the FBA Pack, does it work? Do the other web parts work, and can they send email?


The actual error message is "An Email sending error". The original FBA pack, is also giving the same error. And not able to send emails from SharePoint Server but can send from Exchange Server. Any idea what could be the problem?  


It's probably either an error in the SharePoint mail server configuration or your relaying settings in Exchange or maybe firewall settings.  You can use Telnet to test.  Check these other discussions for links and instructions:




i configured the FBA once before and it worked but when i tried to do this again on another computer i failed getting the following error in user and role management

A Membership Provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config setttings for this web application.


any suggestions plz


I'd go through this set up guide to make sure that everything is configured properly:

There's probably some small piece missing in your config.

This might help too:


thnx 4 responding.

i tried the suggested soln. but unfortunately the error is still there.can't find the missed step


thnx 4 responding.

i tried the suggested soln. but unfortunately the error is still there.can't find the missed step


Can you login to the site via forms based authentication? Do the FBA web parts work? Can you manage the users and roles using the IIS tools?