Moving AD users to SQL Provider - Bulk Import?

I'm hoping I can find a recommendation on how to bulk import from a csv or something a large list of users into the SQL database, and have them be accessible in SharePoint?
I've created import tools for clients, similar to how it's done here:

To allow the user to access SharePoint, you could either put them all in a membership role, and then give that role permissions on SharePoint. Alternatively you could add another line of code to add the created user directly to SharePoint and put them in a SharePoint group.
Awesome! Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
OK... I really thought this would be much simpler than it is... I'm completely lost. I've been trying to figure out the code posted above and looking at other solutions that are similar... I am NOT a developer by any means. I understand code, and PowerShell is my friend, but other than that I haven't even touched VB in about 15 years... I can't believe there is not a ready made tool for this somewhere already. :(
I'm surprised myself. I've added an issue for this, so I can look at adding this feature in a later version:

In the meantime, if you like we can probably code up something for you within a couple of hours to do the trick. If you're interested, please call to quickly review the requirements:
I'm going to see if I have someone internally who can help me out. I work for a development firm (go figure) I am the only "Non-Developer" consultant, as I am an infrastructure specialist. So I'll have to see if one of our guys can give me a hand... I really appreciate your help with this. Thanks
I got it! Used this -
Like I said, PowerShell is my friend!
Nice find!