Multiple Errors Encountered - Migrated 2007 FBA Users



We have installed the SharePoint 2010 FBA pack on our development server during our migration from 2007. Since this is a migration we wish to use the existing FBA accounts from our 2007 instance. We were able to move the database to our 2010 tier and convert the user accounts to include the "i:0#.f" string using a powershell command. All of this worked with no problems.

We are able to use both the people picker and the FBA pack to view all of our existing users. This is however where the errors begin to occur. When using the FBA account management we receive one of 2 outcomes when clicking on the migrated accounts. Either we recieve an error stating the the object reference not set to an instance of an object or we see the screen where we can edit the users information. There seems to be no obvious reason why some accounts display the error and others do not, as all are shown as 'Yes' in the 'IsInSharePoint' column. We are able to create new users and delete existing users with no issues. 

Another error we are having, most likely related to the above error, all of the migrated accounts are unable to login to sites. We receive 2 error codes in our logs upon each failed login attempt, Event ID 8306 and Event ID 1309. We are however able to add any new accounts created to one of the sites and they are able to successfully login.

We have undeployed and redeployed the package. As well as attempted several other possible solutions found here in the discussions section of codeplex, all to no avail.

Thank you in advance for any help that you may be able to provide. 



The 'object reference is not set to an instance of an object' could be due to a bug in how the FBA Pack accesses SharePoint's groups.  If they belong to groups outside of the current site, it could cause the error.  The fix will be in the next release (and if you want to grab and build the latest code, the fix is already checked in).

As for the migrated users being unable to login to sites, I would guess that they haven't been properly added to a SharePoint group with permissions for that site.  Try taking a migrated user and manually add it to a group in the site, under Site Settings -> People and Groups.


First thank you very much for your quick response time.  After reading your response to our issue with users belonging to groups outside of the current site, I found this to be is 100% correct. All users that returned with the error message were part of other sites. I will grab the latest version of the code and try building to fix this issue.

As with our main issue, we have tried adding a existing user to a group on the site with no change. It still returns a runtime error producing both of the errors in the event logs as I listed in the opening post. FYI, we have also tried removing a user from a group on the site, then re-adding that user, again with no change. The only users that are to successfully login are new accounts created using the FBA pack.



I'm not sure what would be causing the login problems. Can you check the sharepoint log file - it might have some additional details on the error.


We have resolved this issue. Thank you again for your help.




I am seeing the same issue you reported, how did you resolve the issue? Installed latest FBA version?




I am seeing the same issue you reported, how did you resolve the issue? Installed latest FBA version?


If you haven't installed version 1.2.0, I would install it, as it fixes the group errors I mentioned in my earlier post.