Multiple FBA Authentication Providers


I have a website with three zones with separate host headers/URLs.

-The default zone is AD authenticated
-The extranet zone is with Form Based Authentication
-Now I want to extend it to another zone let say Internet zone which is also Form Based Authentication but the membership database is different here.

My question is how the FBA pack solution will work here? Will it show users from both FBA databases or when I connect with one url, it will show the fba users of that particular zone and when I will connect with another site, it will show users of that particular zone.


I'll tell you my experience.

In my case I use Host-named site collections and the client asked for another url for the same site and a different group of FBA users. So the webapp had this zones:
  • Default = Windows Authentication
  • Internet = Windows Authentication and FBA
I used the Extranet zone for this new URL. I extended the webapp to Extranet zone, and followed the same instructions I did for the Internet zone, all the steps in the new site that was created in IIS and finally modfied the membership provider in the extranet zone.

When I tried to access the new url, it asked for credentials (windows or FBA), and when I checked the site configuration, the FBA management sections weren´t there. I tried to redeploy the webpart and worked for the new url and removed the sections in the internet zone...which was frustrating.
Finally I retracted and then proced to deploy the FBA solution again, which solved the problem. I did one last verification and the FBA users for this zone were different from the other, it worked!

Now I have this:
  • Default = Windows Authentication
  • Internet = Windows Authentication and FBA
  • Extranet = Windows Authentication and FBA (different user database)
And everything has been working good so far.