Multiple FBA web applications in same farm

This is regarding SharePoint 2019 environment.

I have created one dual authentication(windows/farms together) web application long back & it was working great.

Now I have created another dual authentication web application and applied your pack for 2016/2019 with a new membership database. Did configuration in the machine config & I can see my configuration is successful as I can create my new users and it’s going to separate new membership DB.

But the problem is about login, a new user in new web application and even old users in the old web application is giving the same error shown in the picture.

Any help will be appreciated.


Since the issue is with the login page, my guess is an issue with the SecurityTokenServiceApplication configuration. See here:

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Yeah, I will check and I believe it will be fixed, as I left the section below mentioned.
I guess previously it was working because there was only one membership provider entry.

I mentioned that if you modified the machine.config, you’d only have to put the config in a single place. I wasn’t being completely truthful. The SharePoint Web Services configuration overrides the machine.config and clears the entries we created. For that reason, the membership and role providers also need to be added to the SecurityTokenService (But only there – you won’t have to add them to the central admin or other SharePoint web app web.configs.

Will update you, Thanks for pointing out me to right direction.

Completed, working now. Thanks for your quick solution.