Must I type full user name for lookup to find FBA user?

Our site has a mix of Windows and Forms accounts. When adding members to a group the lookup feature will start to show matches for a Windows account after 1 character typed. To match a Forms account I need to type the entire user name to find the user.

Can this be changed to look up against the Full Name field instead of user name?
Can the number of needed matching characters be reduced to find names sooner, or must the entire user name be typed?

Overall the FBA pack has been very helpful to manage accounts, this is more of a convenience request than an actual issue.
Thanks for the help.
If you make sure that your membership provider is listed in the peoplepickerwildcards entry in your web.config, partial searches of usernames and email address will work. Full name searches worked in SharePoint 2010, but for some reason do not seem to work in SharePoint 2013 anymore (something I should probably look more into, because it would be strange for features to be removed in new versions). Of course I haven't used SP1 yet - hopefully it's something addressed in it.
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      <add key="FBAMembershipProvider" value="%" />
Did you already find the time to look to look into the issue that searching for full names is not possible in SharePoint 2013 any more?

We are using the FBA Pack in our SP2013 farm which has already SP1 applied and unfortunately it is still not working.

Unfortunately, no. We haven't made the recommended changes yet. I hope to get to them in the next month though and will post an update with the results.

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