New ASP.Net Database - Old users still present



Is there a way to clear out the datasource(?) that is displaying users in the FBA User Managment page? I have removed our test ASP.Net database and restored our production database and it's not removing the old test users? I see the new users and can create them, it just displays all of the old test accounts. When I try to delete them it says invalid URL.

Thank you,
Travis Trout


The problem is that it's listing all of the users in your site collection that have a username containing the membership provider. When you change databases, it doesn't remove the SharePoint users from the site collection. In order to remove them from the list, you'll have to find all of these "orphaned" users and delete them from the site collection (People and Groups -> All People).

In the next release i'll fix the User Management screen to only list users that actually reside in the membership database.


Release 1.0.3 now only displays users that are present in the membership database.