New membership requests don't appear in Membership Request list after the 2nd or 3rd request

Please help me with this.

The membership request works only after the first one or two users request an account.
"Review Membership Reqeusts" is checked in FBA Site Configuration.

They show up in the review membership requests link and from there I can approve / reject them.

But when a 3rd user also reqeusts an account, he/she doesn't show up in the review membership request list unless i do an "IISRESET". I don't understand why this happens.

SSL is enabled on SharePoint.

Kindly help
I haven't heard of that one before. Do the users get their pending and approved emails?

When a 3rd user requests an account, check the sharepoint log file - I would expect an error to be logged there.
Currently right now, is there a way to turn off email for testing purposes, from the FBA settings?
Also, how do you detect an FBA pack error in the SharePoint logs?
Thank you again.
Sorry, but the web parts require email to be working in SharePoint, you can't turn it off.

As for detecting an FBA Pack error, if you just search for FBA I expect you'll find the issue, as the source is marked as the FBA Pack. Sometimes though it will be something else in SharePoint causing the problem. In that case I would recommend opening the logs right after the error occurs, and then scrolling up from the bottom until you find it. You should at least see entries for your page accesses.