New users created as i:0#.f|fbamembershipprovider|user1




I've installed the FBA pack on a Win7 pc running SharePoint 2010 Foundation - everything seems OK except when I create a new user using the Membership Request web part - called user1 - the username given comes up as i:0#.f|fbamembershipprovider|user1 and I get a "user not found" error if I try to edit it from FBA User Management.

Any ideas as to where I might have gone wrong?

many thanks


Tim Butler

p.s. great job on the FBA Kit by the way, it's very much appreciated



Not off the top of my head.  Can you create users successfully using the user management page? If not, can you create users in the membership database with a seperate tool, and add those users to groups on your SharePoint site?


Thanks for getting back to me Chris - I can indeed create a new user using the user management page, the new accounts seem fine, I can log in with them, change passwiord etc and they show up on the user management screen with the correct user name and also as Active and IsInSharePoint.

However, the accounts which I created through the membership request web part have the " i:0#.f:|fbamembershipprovider| " prefix on the user name and are not marked as active or IsInsharePoint.

Looking around on the web it seems that some people are getting the i:0#.f:|etc issue when they upgrade from SP 2007 to 2010 and try to take existing FBA users with them, something to do with the way the Security Token Service hands over to SharePoint.

This makes me wonder if there's some setting in IIS or Central admin which is wrong - I set up FBA by following Donal Conlon's guide ( so I'm going to go through that again and check whether I've missed something. 




One other thing - the accounts I created using the User Management page are apearing in the aspnet_Users table in the database and the ones created through the Membership Request Web Part are not. I'm guessing they are only created in SharePoint? 


They should be created both in the membership database and in SharePoint.  When I do the next release i'll take a look and see if I can find any obvious differences between how the membership request web part and the User Management page creates the user.


I took a look, but nothing really stood out.  You might want to try release 1.0.2, in case I've fixed whatever's causing it.  If it's still occurring, check the log and see if you can find any related error messages. If neither of those pan out, unfortunately I think you'll have to debug it.


Try to configure you SMTP settings in SharePoint :



I also noticed this - but I think this is what I found out so far about the prefix... :

If you use /_layouts/FBA/Management/UserNew.aspx  - then you get a chance to enter the 'Full name' field and you dont get the ugly prefix appearing.  I am guessing the same applies to Web part.

However, if you used IIS 'Net Users' tab (need to change default providers before you can set this)... then the fullname field does not get populated -inwhich case, Sharepoint prefix the membership user's name with the membership provider's name ans some punctuations....



That's right. The full name has to be set within SharePoint, which happens when you use the FBA Pack user management page or the Membership Request web part. If you create the user outside of SharePoint then the full name value never gets set in SharePoint and you see SharePoints's default full name for FBA Users.