Not configured properly


I am new to sharepoint, but followed all the instruction to setup both FBA pack and configuration sharepoint 2013 for FBA. When I try to add the webpart I get A Membership Provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config setttings for this web application. In configuring sharepoint for FBA. I changed machine.config and web.config for the security service.

If you're getting that message, it means that the FBA Pack can't talk to your membership database. So something is not setup correctly.

One common cause is permissions: you have to make sure that the sharepoint app pool user has permissions to the database.

Otherwise it could be a typo in the .config files or possibly a typo in the membership provider name for the web app (Central Admin -> Manage Web Applications -> Authentication Providers).


Thanks for the info, I found a typeo in the config file all is working great now.

Thanks ccoulson. I had a same issue and when i assigned the permission to the application pool account it worked fine.