Opening FBA by non-admin user

I have SharePoint 2010 with Form Based Authentication. I am using . I am using Installation method for both FBA pack and Form Based Authentication. In this FBA Pack only System Administrator can create user and Site Setting Options only be seen by System Administrator

Now My requirement is My System Admin will create user and he will give some of the user permission to make users. Now I need like user which he create cannot seen by other users. It is like team. Now  System admin give permission to make users can also give permission to create user.  Same cycle will go on. In short parent can see child team members but one team cannot see other team.

Yeah, so far I have left the User Management features to be administrator only, as the users can (and probably are) shared between many sites/webs.  So making a change for a single user in one site/web can affect the user in other sites/webs.

If the requirement is only creating users, and not actively managing them, you could add a Membership Request web part to a page, and only give permissions to "creators" to access the page.

I tried to change codes but only problem is coming is that non admin user cannot access User Information List. If non admin try to access then it will throw error 403 Access denied. Can you help me to solve that. 

Maybe try this:

Thank you very much. I was looking something that only.

But I have some problem here When I go to SPD and try to open my site which FBA it show me following screen and I tried with both windows and form authentication both user System Account but it gives me error you do not have permission


How can we solve that.

I'd try a different account.  Also, are you sure you're accessing using the same url you use on the web (http://server:200)??

Yea it looks I have problem with my SharePoint Site It is giving error 

Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.


When I search on it is telling that it is form based authentication problem, So I am trying to solve. Will get back to u.

Sorry for late. As I was getting error I uninstall my SharePoint 2010 and re install it and it was opening in my SPD with FBA site administrator as well as by Windows authentication. But as per article link which you gave me, tells navigating to the list name “User Information List” in the _catalogs folder, then right clicking the list to select the option for “Manage permissions using the browser”.   Then I was able to grant permission for all users to see this list.

But I could not find option "Manage permissions using the browser" . Can you suggest me what can be the problem.

You're right - I couldn't find a way to manage permissions either.  You may want to ask in the SharePoint 2010 forums and see if anybody has any ideas:

But you might just have to take the User Management pages from the FBA Pack and modify them to your requirements.