Password field not available in Membership Request WebPart?



When i enter the details using Membership Request their is no password field but i when i check in aspnet_membership table password is stored in encrypted format.

When i entered the username in the Password Recovery it's showing [Your attempt to retrieve your password was not successful. Please try again].

Can you Please help me out it's very urgent for me.

Thank you


I'm guessing that your email in SharePoint is not setup correctly.  After the details are entered into the Membership Request web part, an email is sent to the user with their temporary password.  The same thing happens with the Password Recovery web part.


Hii yeah am getting this error how can i resolve it?

Error sending mail notification


You have to configure your outgoing email settings in SharePoint. You can use Central Admin to do it:


Hii i have given smtp server and From address and To address its showing [Complete Your registration request has been received]. but we are not receiving any mails.Any help


If you've configured it to an external smtp server, my guess is that it's not setup to relay. I'd probably test it through telnet to verify it works and see any error messages the smtp server is returning.  This is probably a better forum for SharePoint email setup questions:


Hiii ccoulson i received temporary password through mail but when i try to change Password its not working when i used this url   http://WebApplication:PortNo/_layouts/fba/ChangePassword.aspx    its showing File Not Found 

When am using the Password recovery web part it is displaying the following error:

Your attempt to retrieve your password was not successful. Please try again.

Can You Please Help me out its Urgent Requirement.

Thank you


Do you have the latest 1.0.2 release? I fixed a bug where the change password page wasn't being directed to the correct location.

The error "Your attempt to retrieve your password was not successful. Please try again." is from the membership PasswordRecovery control.  It might be because of your settings on the sql membership provider.  Check out this page: 


hii am getting password recovery and change password.

Thank you so much.


Sounds kind of dumb but I thought I was having the same problem.  The issue wasn't in SharePoint, the code, or the smtp server at all.  Call it user error and overthinking it (wondering why something isn't working when it should).  The simple fix for me was to check my JUNK EMAIL folder in Outlook.  Every request I made on the web part was sitting right there waiting for me in the junk mail folder.  Called it a night after that!