Password reset error

I have deployed the FBA 2013 pack to my web applications successfully.

However, when I go into User Management, and I click on a user to reset password, I am getting an error that
'Your current membershipprovider settings prevent a user's password from being reset. To allow for resetting of a password by an administrator, you must have enablePasswordReset="true" and requiresQuestionAndAnswer="false" in your membership provider settings in your web.config'

I used the FBA configuration Manager to update the web.config files, like I stated above.

But to enable the password reset, what are the steps do I take to enable this?

I have read documentation on updating the machine.config file, and the security token web.config file, however, when I used the manager, it changed all the individual config files.
and NOT the machine config file.

So, where do I go from here:
  1. do I use the FBA manager to add the lines needed to enable pw reset?
  2. do I update each individual web.config file and add the lines to enable below the FBA MembershipProvider already declared in the webconfig file?
  3. do I update the machine config file?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I haven't used the FBA Manager myself, but if you've already used it to update your config files succesfully, i'd probably continue to use it to update the required properties (I assume the properties enablePasswordReset and requiresQuestionAndAnswer can be set with the manager - if not, you'll have to update the web.config files yourself).

The benefit of the machine config file is that it only has to be changed in one place (but changes to the machine.config are not required - if you don't add the membership provider to the machine.config, you have to add the membership providers to every web application web.config). But if the web.config files have already been updated, the machine.config file will be ignored. So if the FBA Manager cannot make the required changes, you'll either have to update every web.config file manually and set the properties yourself, or remove the membership configuration from all web.configs and just have the one copy in the machine.config file.
Thank you so much for your help and quick response!

I did not see where you can set it with the manager, so I will need to update the files manually.

thanks again!