PasswordPolicy for FBA users



First of all thank you for this nice FBA Pack. I have this one deployed in my Sharepoint site, and it is working perfectly.

Now the PasswordPolicy is pretty complex, i have changed my web.config  to have users passwords with only 8 characters and no nonalphanumeric characters. But when I request a Password Reset, i still have a pretty complex password. Is it possible to set this to have also like 8 character passwords?



The Password Recovery web part uses the built in ASP.NET membership provider's reset password functionality to generate the new password.  It does take the membership provider settings into account when generating the password, but those are just minimums, so you will end up with a more complicated password than the configured minimums.  This is really meant just to be a temporary password that the user can use to login and change their password on the Change Password page. If you'd like to change things from the defaults you can always download and change the source.