Per site collection, or per web app?


Is this working per site collection, or is it working per web application? This is really important for us as we would like the site collection admin to have access only to his users, but still retain the ability to manage them from a-z.

FBA works per web application - so if you want seperate membership databases, you'll need each site collection to be in a seperate web application.

That being said, the FBA Pack management pages work on the site collection level (SharePoint profile info is stored at the site collection level). So each site collection in the same web application will have the same available list of membership users to manage, but you can assign them different permissions per site collection.

OK thanks.
Although this pack seems pretty good, I will still look around to see if such thing exists.
I konw that on SP2007, there was one that did this at the Site Collection level - it was based on a SharePoint List (SPListMp). However, it never got ported to later versions of SP, and I don't have the knowledge to do so.

Thanks for your fast reply, and if you ever hear of something like what I'm looking for, please let me know!

Again, big thanks.

This looks like an interesting solution, I have a related question.

A user makes a request at the site collection and can be allocated to a SharePoint group on that site collection. I would expect that the user would not have access to any other site collections, but since FBA is by web applcation the user could be given access to any other site collection by adding to the appropriate SharePoint group on that site colection. Is this correct?

Correct - that's exactly how it works.