Personal Folk without Possible Future Conflict



I have added some fields to the FBA and it works well. But, the changes that I have made are for a single use case, what is your advice in making sure that I can have the modified version coexist on the same farm with your original version?

Creating a folk[private perhaps not to dilute your great work here] and renaming? I have tried renaming the Namespace and changing some GUIDs but changing the FeatureReceiver GUIDs creates problems and even then, without those still some item folder names require renaming.

Basically, I'm just asking if this is a fools errand or if you think its a feasible plan!

There will be a lot to change if you want to make a separate version co-exist completely independently. You'll have to change features, guids, menus, layout folder locations...

I would probably make the changes to the FBA Pack and deploy the modified version everywhere. If you only want your changes showing in certain circumstances, just add some logic to only make the change visible under those circumstances. Maybe use a web part property, SharePoint property or a new Feature to determine if your changes are shown. Or if it's a lot of changes to a web part - just make a copy of the web part and rename it.