Possible to create FBA accounts via JSOM or clientside scripting?


We have the FBA Pack installed and set up, working great. Now, however, I have the requirement to add an icon beside documents which will pop up a “Share With…” window. In that window, I need the ability to

  1. check for existing FBA account, then create if not already there
  2. grant the FBA account read access to whatever document the icon was clicked on.

I know how to do the second option with JSOM in a clientside script, but is it possible to perform the first step using only clientsite scripting? Everything I’ve found so far indicates that Powershell and/or C# is required, but I won’t have access to either for this project.


Unfortunately you will need something server side (probably in c#) to create the account. You can take a look at the FBA Pack code on GitHub to see how it’s done.


Aw, nuts. Well, thanks for confirming it!