Post FBA Pack 1.3.0 Upgrade - Membership Request Managment Page Error



Greetings - After what appeared to be a clean upgrade from 1.2 to 1.3 everything seems to be working except the Membership Request Management page - I get "Invalid file name. The file name you specified could not be used. It may be the name of an existing file or directory, or you may not have pernission to access the file." I am logged in as Admin so I find it hard to believe that I don't have the permissions. Any insights would be appreciated. BTW love the additions and fixes! - Thx


That's strange. Does the Site Membership Review List exist? It should be at:

[site collection url]/Site%20Membership%20Review%20List/AllItems.aspx


Maybe try deactivating and reactivating the "Forms Based Authentication Management" site collection feature.  That should remove and recreate the Site Membership Review List.  The deploy script should have done this for you though.


Bingo! de/re the feature seems to have worked :)  On a side note… should the ChangePassword, PasswordQuestions, and Thankyou pages be created in the Pages library or do I need to create them? Thanks!


The Change Password page does need to exist, as that is what the Change Password menu item now points to.  As well, the default membership approved email template uses that url. With a new installation, the change password url will already exist. If you're upgrading and you had not created a change password page, you can change the url to:


which is included with the FBA Pack.

The other two urls are optional, and are for customizing your email templates. They are not used in the default email templates.  The xml syntax for including them in a template is listed in the description beside the fields.


Cool - Thanks... Just wanted to make sure.

My Bingo may have been premature :) The Membership List is now there, however; when the membership request webpart is used, the user is created but NOT showing in the request list. It will show in the user list with no full name and no group assignment. Hmmm


A pending user will show up in the user list with no full name and no group assignment. They should also not be active.  The user needs to be there to reserve the username until the user is approved (at which time the user will become active and the full name and group assignment will be set).  But, as long as 'Review Membership Requests' is turned on, the user should be added to the membership review list.  

Did the user get a 'Pending' email? If not, there might be an issue with sending the email to that user that is causing the issue.  If you're still having problems, check the SharePoint log files, it should have some more details on what's causing the error.


Thanks - I've installed on my test box which doesn't have the email functioning :) I will check the logs to see if it could be something else. Does the email functionality HAVE to exist in order for the request to show in the list?


Yes, email does need to function for the Membership Request and Password Recovery web parts. When you create a user though, I would expect the user to get an error message, instead of a success message.


No emails are being sent - not your issue, dev network stuff :) I am seeing a Critical error in the logs Cannot connect to SMTP host... then Cannot complete this action. Please try again. So if my email is not functioning then the workflow to add the user to the request list errors out? I guess I'll just have to go for it on the other network. I would think that I would see an error on not being able to send email, but everything else would be good. Thanks again - the other improvements are great!


That's right, with no email, the workflow errors out.  In that case though, the user should see an error message when they try and register.  If the user is being told the registration is successful, could you please raise a bug in the issue tracker with all of the details.


Will do - Thanks!


I was able to reproduce the "Invalid file name" error. I've released version 1.3.1 to fix the problem with the deployment scripts.