Problem with migrated Users


i have a problem with migrated users and the FBA pack.
When i try to reset the password from a migrated user no email will be send. But when i open the user and save it, i can reset the password and an email will be send.
Every user attribute in the user overview is shown correct, like username, name, emailadresse, ... . Also in the fba database every attribute is correct. I don't know where to find the solution.
Please help. Thanks in advance.

Did the email template maybe get changed on the FBA Site Configuration page? If there's an issue with the email template, it will likely result in an error sending the email. Do you get an error message when attempting to reset the password?

Check the SharePoint log files after you reset the password - I expect there will be an error message there.

Another thing to try would be to add the web part to a different page, just in case there were some configuration changes made to the web part that are causing the issue.
The problem with the password reset happens on the site "Manage Forms Based Authentication Users", when i try to reset the password. And i don't get an error on the site.
I changed the template, but the password reset mail is send when i reset the password of a new created user.

i will check the sharepoint log and post it.
i checked the log file and didn't find any errors. please help.
Did you search for "FBA"? Items in the error log raised by the FBA Pack are marked "SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack".

It could be that the template is expecting a field that doesn't exist with the migrated user. Maybe the user's name? Try updating a migrated user first, on the edit user page, and then reset their password and see if that fixes the issue.
The workaround updating a migrated user on the edit user page works. but for over 800 migrated users it isn't easy to handle. Is there another option to fix that issue?
Yeah - I expect that means that the migrated user is missing some field that is causing either the update or email creation to fail. Check the log file again - there really should be an error in there when the email fails to send that should let you know what issue is. My guess would be that it's the user's name not being set.

If it's the user's name causing the problem - you could create a powershell script that goes and updates all the users names that are missing.
in the user overview every user is shown correct with username, displayname, emailadress, ... . I checked again the logs and couldn't find any error. is there a special log folder for this tool?
No special log file - the errors are just stored in the SharePoint log file. It does seem strange that there wouldn't be an error if the email wasn't going out.