Query on adding New fields to the MembershipRequestWebpart


From the error it sounds like you’re registering your GG.Login.Custom dll in the GAC, but it’s just a copy of the FBA Pack dll which is already registered, so there are conflicts. I’d try retracting and uninstalling the FBA Pack solution and then deploying your solution.

As for the unrecognized tag prefix in visual studio, I think that’s a pretty common thing and wouldn’t worry about it as long as the tag is properly declared at the top of the page.


Thanks chris,

I have checked visual studio Visigo.Sharepoint.FoirmsBasedAuthentication fba project and I couldn’t see the location _layouts/15/FBA in the project and I don’t understand why the change password.aspx is pointing to _layouts/15/FBA/ instead of _layouts/FBA/chnagepassword.aspx? can I know the reason for picking the location.

In my earlier post I mentioned about captcha,now I believe its not working because “UImageHipChallenge” sitting under \Layouts\FBA along with change password and other pages but the page is pointing to layouts/15/FBA

In visual studio project I can see the sitemap enablelocalization to /_layouts/FBA/Management which is absolutely fine but redirecting to layouts/15/FBA is unable to figure out.

In your blog you mentioned the customised web parts are located under
The default templates are located in:
/_layouts/##/FBA/WEBPARTS (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions##\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\FBA\WEBPARTS)##

I found these under C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\FBA

but my default one is pointing to 15


Hi Chris,

I have managed to sort it out by copying the FBA folder from 14 to 16


Hi chris,

every time I retract and deploy the solution the FBA folder is deleting from 16 and copying into 14 as I shouldn’t do this as manual process ,can I know how this can be sorted as mine is SharePoint2016

I have downloaded the source code as provided in the link but that is 2010


Yeah - the problem is that you’re building from the 2010 source code.

All of the different SharePoint versions are in the same repository at:

There’s a different branch for each version. You’ll have to use the 2016 branch to build for SharePoint 2016.


Hi Chris,

I cant open the FBA pack 2016 sln in my visual studio,getting a message update required but the master file 2010 source code which I previously downloaded is opening normally with out any issues.

I have installed the Office Development tools still its saying to “Right-click the project to get the lastest Office Development Tools to Open the project”



Hi Chris,

Its locked to version control 14.0 and 14.6 ,I have deleted the code <MinimumOfficeToolsVersion>14.6</MinimumOfficeToolsVersion> <MinimumVisualStudioVersion>14.0</MinimumVisualStudioVersion>from .csproj file and open the source code file successfully.

Hope this helps some one who got struck with the same kind of issue.