Reset password on login page before user authenticates in sharepoint 2013

I’ve installed the FBA Pack and have my FBA set up as per the instructions provided and all installed fine but I would like to user the reset password feature on my custom login page so that users that forget their passwords can reset it then login using the temporary password provided. I put the page I created with the reset password web part on the same folder as my custom login page (_layouts) but when ever I click the link to reset my password the login page just refresh’s and the user is not redirected to my reset password page. Is there a way to use the reset password web part before the user authenticates? Do I need to put my page somewhere other than _layouts? Thanks in advance for any help you can give to solve this.
as everyone mentioned over here. for this I have used following tricks
1)creating Standard SharePoint page and making anonymous access to page
2)also use creating Application Page with making anonymous access to page using I tried all the scenarios.
Please help me.

I usually create an application page just for the reset password page, and set it to allow anonymous access. I’ll put it in the same folder as the login page (a subfolder of _layouts), and then can just use a relative link to “resetpassword.aspx” (or whatever you named it) from the login page to access it. It can definitely be used before the user authenticates, as long as the application page has been set to run anonymously.

If when you click the link the login page just refreshes, then likely the page is not available anonymously - so it’s redirecting you back to the login page. Don’t forget - EVERYTHING on the page has to be available anonymously - you can’t include an image that’s stored in a non-anonymous document library, or that will also trigger authentication.