Server Error in '/' Application (Parse Error On Membership Request Webpart)

Hie Chris,

May you kindly assist me, I have been getting this error soon after deploying the solution and trying to add the membership request page on my site. I have tried undeploying the solution and deploying it but no luck. I have also tried deactivating the feature and activating it but still no luck, I really don’t know where I am getting it wrong…

Is this with the release versions of the FBA Pack, or a customized build?

If it’s the release version, I would think that undeploying/deploying + deactivating/activating would do it. The one thing you might want to do there is undeploy/retract and then follow it by a full install from the command line, using the deploy.ps1 script - to ensure that the installed package is fully up to date.

If it’s a customized version, it could just be something like some naming changes that were made that didn’t get propagated everywhere.