SharePoint FBA Error: Error (Rename your object or delete the existing object)

Good Day Chris,

I keep on getting the error below when trying to deploy the solution in debug mode from visual studio. I mainly receive that error when trying to approve a user in the MemberShip Review List. Is there a way you can assist me? Thanks

Additional information: An object of the type Visigo.Sharepoint.FormsBasedAuthentication.FBADiagnosticsService named “” already exists under the parent Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPFarm named “xxx_DB”. Rename your object or delete the existing object.


It sounds like a deployment issue - i’m not sure why you’d be getting it when trying to approve a user in the membership review list. I’d try deactivating the forms based authentication management feature in the site collection and undeploy + uninstall the FBA Pack from central admin, and then try to redeploy via Visual Studio to see if that clears the errors.

If that doesn’t help, it sounds like the error is coming from FBADiagnosticsServiceEventReceiver.FeatureActivated. Maybe put a breakpoint in there to see if it’s getting hit when you approve a user. It shouldn’t be - it should only be running when the feature is activated on the site collection.

Thanks Chris, it worked. I deactivated the feature, undeploy the solution and unistalled it.

thanks so much.