SharePoint Foundation Event ID 6875



I am receiving the following Error in my Windows Applications Event Log...

Level    Source                                     Event ID           Category          User

Error     SharePoint Foundation              6875                 General             sp_AppPool

Error loading and running event receiver Visigo.Sharepoint.FormsBasedAuthentication.MembershipReviewHandler in Visigo.Sharepoint.FormsBasedAuthentication, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=9dba9f460226d31d. Additional information is below.

: Column '_Status' does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.

Happening every minute. 

Any idea on what might be causing it?  Where is the column _status suppose to be located


I expect you're running an earlier version of the FBA Pack.  Download and install version 1.3.1 and this issue should go away.  You can check the version of the FBA Pack from Site Settings -> FBA Site Configuration. (Prior to version 1.3, the version is not listed).

The issue was that the membership request event handler was being run on all standard lists, instead of just the membership review list.

I know this is VERY OLD but I'm having this issue after I installed 1.3.2. So I removed 1.3.2 and installed 1.1.0, which was my initial install and the problem disappeared. So I undeployed 1.1.0 again and put 1.3.3 on this time and I'm getting that error again. What the Hell? I have tried everything I can but still it exists!

What can I do to fix the error? I have spent many hours on this problem.

Oh and one thing I have noticed from 1.1.0 to 1.3.2. The deploy deploys to all my site collections whereas 1.1.0 I could deploy to individual site collection. Why has that changed?

FYI. SharePoint 2010 Foundation and has the very latest SP and CU installed, March 2015.

More interesting information. I have 17 site collections in my Web application. When I run the deploy script it deploys to 13 of them! The 4 that it misses are the ORIGINAL 4 that I created in SP 2007 BEFORE it was migrated to 2010 a few years ago.

No versions activate on all site collections automatically - they do automatically deploy to all Web Applications and always have. If you would like to activate it on 1 site collection, you can specify it after .\deploy.

I think what you're referring to about deploying to all site collections is that more recent versions of the FBA Pack deploy script go through all site collections where the FBA Pack was already activated, and deactivates and reactivates them - this is to ensure the membership site review list is updated properly.

As for the above error, it is the result of a bug in an early version of the FBA Pack, where the event receiver will attach to new lists created by the user. We'll put some cleanup code into the deploy script in a future version. In the meantime it can be cleaned up through powershell manually, see here:

OK, so I fixed it as you explained in the link but what a major pain. I had to check 17 site collections.