Site Owner cante see the FBA Membership details under "Users and Permissions"


Hi Chris,

I have given full permissions to one my colleague to access the FBA Membership Request Management to approve the users list.
When login with his details he can not see the FBA details like FBA site configuration,FBA User Management,Role Management using the same root site which I am using ,I have addid him to the Site Collection Administrator through Central Admin site settings then he can see the FBA details.

Once I moved this setup in production I just want a site owner to manage this FBA to approve users and I don’t want to add that person as site collection administrator ,can you help me on this please?


At the moment the management tools require site collection administrator permissions in order to access them. You should be able to change the permissions required in the code.


Can I know which part of code I need to change please as I don’t want to add the them to the site collection administrator.


I haven’t done it before, so i’m not sure. There should be details on the web of setting permissions for application pages. It’s very easy to make it site collection administrator only - it’s just a matter of a property being set in the code.


Ok ,Will give a try.