Solution Converted for SharePoint 2013




I converted the solution for SharePoint 2013 but haven't tested registrations yet. Password Change and user creation works.


Great to hear! Testing this on SharePoint 2013 has been on my TODO list.


Can send you a copy if interested. I did some changes (and still doing) on some components though such as not using table layouts in the templates etc.


Sure - that would be great - any contributions are welcome.


Not sure how I can send you the source code.



There's a couple ways:

You can go to the source code view, create a fork, push your changes to the fork (You have to use Tortoise HG or a Mercurial client) and then send me a pull request.

You can create an issue and add the code as an attachment to the issue.

You can click on my name to go to my profile, and then click the contact link to contact me directly. From there you can email me the changes.