Start Workflow on FBA User creation?

We are interested about the Support plan for implementing FBA pack for SharePoint 2016.
But I’m wondering how could it be possible to start a Workflow automatically when a new user is added.
Is there a “not too much difficult” way to do it ?

Thanks in advance,

Off the top of my head, I think custom code will have to be written to start a workflow automatically when a new user is added.

One possible way to do this without code is if you use the FBA Pack’s Membership Request Web Part to add all users, and have ‘Review Membership Requests’ turned on. Then when user’s are added a list item is created in the ‘Membership Review List’. You could add a workflow to the membership review list.

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Thanks for your fast reply !
I will discuss that with the team here and will look around this “no-code” solution aswell

All the best