Subsite Access Issue!


We are facing an odd issue in our Prod Env.
We have a site collection and a subsite under it with broken inheritance.
I create a FBA user, give contribute permissions to the user for the subsite ONLY.
The user doesn't have any rights on the root site.
I get access denied even on the subsite even though he has access to it. This only happens if the FBA feature is turned on.
Any idea why it could be happening?
I just came to know it's a known issue which was fixed , but we are using an older version of FBA and want to continue using that.
Is there a work around this issue?
You'll have to update to get the fix. The newer versions are all backwards compatible and won't overwrite your existing settings (the one exception is the Membership Review List - so be sure to approve/reject any pending members before upgrading). Just run .\deploy with the latest version and it will update SharePoint with the latest version.

If you want to stay on the current version because you've made some code customizations, then I suggest you merge in the changes from the latest FBA Pack release (or merge your code changes into it).