The top right menu



Got it installed .... but how do I change/localized the language/text (change passsword) in the top right menu ?  


Full localization will be in the next release, which i'm working on now.  If you would like to compile yourself, you can download the latest version of the source code, which has the localized changes, and then edit the .RESX files.

If you'd like to hard code the change for the current version, you can edit FBAMenus\Elements.xml.


Hi ccoulsson

Great thanks... ;D

changed the menu ...but I can't change all the text  that are shown on the:  /fba/ChangePassword.aspx without downloading the sourcecode...

When will the new version be finished?



I had expected to already be done, but a few of the features have taken much longer than I expected.  Hopefully by the end of this weekend, but no promises.


Sounds great ...I'll wait for your new release then... ;D