Two factor Authentication with SharePoint 2013 Forms based authentication

Hi Team,

I need to enable two factor authentication with your code. It must generate a unique code and send to user by mail. During login same code must be supplied along with password.
How can achieve this functionality.


Ravi Singh

Unfortunately at this time 2 factor authentication is not a feature of the FBA Pack.

Can we get support from your team to customize the solution. If possible what will be financial terms for this.

Sorry for the long reply time - it looks like i’m not always notified I have a reply - sorry about this.

We can customize the solution. For just this feature as described, i’d estimate it would be somewhere around the 50 hour range to complete - so around $10k. Please let me know if you’re interested or have any more questions.

Hi Chris,

I would love to ask you a question please, I have an user in Fba interface and I want to give it some roles, I’m just wondering where the roles are stored in the database (which tables), I checked the tables and I have find no response.

You will seen attach to this mail to well understand my problem.

Thank u in advance

The roles are stored in the aspnet_roles table and linked to users in the aspnet_UsersInRoles table. You don’t need to edit the database to edit roles though. Roles can be created in the FBA Role Management Page and assigned to a user from the FBA User Management page. Alternatively you can simply assign users to SharePoint Groups from the FBA User Management page. This is set by unchecking ‘Enable Roles’ from the FBA Site Configuration page.

The reason why we’re doing thsi because we’re not able to see the users details or search on users cuz of slowdown reason and you’ve advise me to update the FBA, but our client want to manage users and theirs roles using only the sql requests in database, the problem is I have many groups but in database the tables aspnet_roles and aspnet_roles are empty, so I can’t figure out which user has this role based on database…is there a way to use PowerShell script to add fba user to sharepoint group (manage fb users using powershell in general)?
Thank u in advance

I think the reason the roles table is empty is because you are using SharePoint Groups instead of roles for grouping users. Although I haven’t done it, I expect you can assign fba users to sharepoint groups using powershell cmdlets. It looks like this article has information on doing it: