Unable to edit or create new user

Whenever I try to edit or create a new user I get this error.

The configured Role Provider (WindowsTokenRoleProvider) relies upon Windows authentication to determine the groups that the user is allowed to be a member of. ASP.NET Role Manager cannot be used to manage Windows users and groups. Please use the SQLRoleProvider if you would like to support custom user/role assignment.

We created the first user fine.  Using a third-party web part (Bamboo), we were able to create a user.  I am logged in with an SQL user, when I try to edit the users or create a new one.

It sounds like your FBA settings are incorrect.  I assume you're planning on authenticating against the aspnetdb database using the SQLMembershipProvider and SQLRoleProvider?

You can follow these instructions to set it up:


Specifically, it sounds like the name of the Role Provider you specified in SharePoint isn't a SQLRoleProvider.