Unable to edit personal settings (title, phone numbers, dept., etc.)



I've successfully deployed the FBA pack and have it working, but I just realized that a user can't edit their personal data via the standard top right dropdown "My Settings". That takes a user to the <server>/_layouts/userdisp.aspx page and displays the standard SharePoint options for each user (work email, phone, dept. etc.), but when you select "edit" there're no fields the user can edit.

Is this a function of the FBA Pack, or SharePoint when working under claims based authentication? I'm porting an Office365 Solution to a stand-alone solution which now requires forms based authentication and we used to leverage many of these user fields.


That is a function of SharePoint.  The FBA Pack includes the register, forgot password and change password web part, as well as a user management page to allow administrator's to edit all users.