Unable to run FBA User Management and FBA Role Management

I have installed the Pack. The installation went fine. However, I am getting "A Membership Provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config settings for this web application." I triple checked the all the web.config, I just could not find anything wrong.
That message pretty much means it can't hit the membership database for whatever reason. It could be that the membership provider specified for the web application doesn't match the name of the membership provider in the web config. It could also be a permissions issue - perhaps the app pool user doesn't have permission to the membership database. You might want to double check everything against the steps listed here:

I have confirmed the following:-

(1) The service account in the app pool that runs the app is "Administrator".
(2) The "Administrator" is the db owner of "FBA" database.
(3) The web.config of the web app looks correct to me

I'm not sure then. I'd probably use the IIS providers/users/roles pages to check the membership provider settings.