Upgrade SharePoint 2010 FBA to SharePoint 2013 FBA

We are using SharePoint 2010 FBA in our current environment and finally decided to move to SharePoint 2013 environment..
How do I move my current SharePoint 2010 FBA database and users into SharePoint 2013 environment.

There is some mention here but not very clear.

Please let me know if anyone else has tried it.
As for the database, you can just point sharepoint to the existing database - the database is the same between 2010 and 2013. The .config file entries are mostly the same, but the version is different, so make sure that is updated. See here for .config file entries:


Finally, SharePoint identifies the user based on membership provider name + username. So make sure to use the same membership provider name when upgrading sharepoint - so that the existing users remain linked to their sharepoint user profiles.