use of passwordStrengthRegularExpression



The settings for my membership provider related to password strength are:

passwordStrengthRegularExpression="(?=.{10,})(?=(.*\d){2,})"  and  minRequiredNonalphanumericCharacters="0"

It seems, though, that when a password is generated from the MembershipRequest web part, it ignores the passwordStrengthRegularExpression and only looks at the minimum required password length and the minimum required non-alphanumeric characters.

Since my password requirements require at least 2 digits, invalid passwords are being generated.

My desire is to allow the user to specify his/her own starting password. Should I attempt to modify my copy of your code to do this? or have you already built in an option I can set to display the password and password confirmation lines on the Membership Request web part?



We use Membership's built in GeneratePassword function, and unfortunately all it takes into account is the length and minimumnonalphanumericcharacters.  That makes sense, because although it is easy to validate a password using a regular expression, generating unique passwords that validate to custom regular expression's would be pretty tough.

If you require at least 2 digits you'll need a code change (or change your password requirements - minimum 2 non alpha numeric characters will be more secure minimum than 2 digits).

If you'd like the user to enter their own password, you'll have to modify the code - I haven't added that.  If you do end up making changes that you think will be beneficial to everybody, please submit them as a patch and I can include them in a future release.




I think I'm stuck with using the same password requirements as our corporate domain uses, and, actually, the design of the account creation, password reset, etc. pages I have been given to code is so much different from what you have provided, that think it will be easier for me to start from scratch - which is a real shame since you have done such nice work on this.

If I change my mind and decide to make major modifications to your webparts, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again here in this forum.

Thanks for your help Chris.



Glad to help! It's too bad you can't use the FBA Pack, but if you do have very specific requirements you're probably better to start from scratch.