User account email blanks out


Have anybody noticed that sometimes a user account's email get blanked out? We're trying to pinpoint when it happens without much success. We suspect it's when you either try to register a new account using the same email address or when a user has reset his or hers password.

We have deployed the version unmodified.

Any help to pinpoint the issue would be much appreciated!

I have never noticed this, and I don't recall anybody else reporting this in the past. Can you give some more detail on how the email gets blanked out? Is this on a certain management web page, or happening in the registration web part?

Ok, so I've narrowed it down to when we use the reset password page.

This is the use case where we get the issue:

1) First we use the registration form to send out the invitation with the login and a temporary password, and link to the password reset page.
2) The member clicks on the link and login using the login and temp password, then set his/hers new password.
3) The email address is still there at this point...
4) Then the user right after change his/hers password again, the email gets blanked out…. it’s not 100% consistent but pretty close. Just fyi, I don't think it has to be done (the reset) right after you login the first time, but maybe in the same session.

Let me know if it helps.

No, I haven't seen that before. So you mean that if you view the user on the FBA User Management page, the email address will be blank for that user?

We have the same problem.
Email adress is mysteriously vanishing after we enter them.

We enter the users in the "base site", where we have the administration pack installed.

I do not find a systematic way to reproduce the problem, but it is noticed after FBA users are entered as members in other sites.

We also have the problem that we (sometimes) are unable to enter email alerts on fx Documents. Sometimes the email pops up, sometimes not.
This can happen even though the email address is OK on the FBA administration page.

Be advised that we also have the possibility to log in as a Facebook user.

The person who installed the SP server first used some other tool for entering users. FBA Pack was installed later.

I have tried to reproduce this issue, but I have not been able to.

If you have step by step directions that can be used to reliably reproduce this, please post. Additionally, If you notice that an email goes missing right after adding the user to a different site - please check the SharePoint log files for any errors that look like they may be relevant and post as well.

I'm not sure what you mean by the email alerts - Are you saying the email alerts dialog doesn't open reliably on some document libraries? If that's the case, it should be unrelated to the FBA Pack as we don't do anything with the alert dialog (or lists/document libraries in general). If you're using something other than a recent version of Internet Explorer, you may want to see if it works well in IE to see if it's a browser compatibility bug.

Hello, we are experiencing the same. Have just set up, sent users their login instructions and after they login, change their password their display name reverts to their username and email address is blanked out.

Running over SSL on IE9 & 10.

Did you ever manage to reproduce?

I never managed to reproduce this specific issue (where it happens when changing passwords).

I have seen it if 'My Sites' is used. The My Sites synchronization overwrites the values in the site collection with the values in My Sites (Which only has the username, no email or full name).

Hi ccoulson, that was it, excellent thanks for that. Hopefully there wasn't a reason I left My Sites on but I'm sure it'll be fine disabled.

Many thanks.