User Admin of SharePoint in a client Desktop WIndows Application

Hi. I've successfully installed FBA and the FBA pack on my server, running SharePoint 2013. I can administer users with the FBA pack via my SharePoint website, but I also need to provide user administration (add, delete, edit etc) in my Windows Application which connects to the SP site via the Client API (it's actually an Office VSTO addin).

I wondered if anyone could provide some advice on the best way to go about this. I'm using the SharePoint Client API in the application and ideally I'd like to use that to add users. But perhaps I need to access the aspnetdb directly.

I've seen several articles surrounding this topic, but I just wanted to hear some thoughts on the best method before I start. I'm learning as I go with this, so any advice appreciated.

I haven't done this before, but I would probably follow the same pattern as the FBA Pack. That would mean doing most of the operations using the .net Membership api (adding, deleting users, resetting passwords....), and then using the SharePoint API where required: Adding users to SharePoint groups, editing SharePoint profile information (full name)....
Thanks, will start digging into the FBA pack and see how it works.