User Management - FBA SharePoint 2013




We’ve set up your FBA user by using the IIS interface. Is there a way to send out e-mail communication for password resets? or is there the ability to change account information? password reset question? etc.?

Thank you.


Even if the user was created with IIS, if you install the FBA Pack in SharePoint you can still use the FBA User Management screen to change account information as well as reset the password and send an email.

You mentioned the password reset question though - I generally don’t recommend you enable the feature, as it prevents an administrator from resetting the password. The way Microsoft designed this, it is always needed to reset a password - so without the answer an administrator can’t reset the password.


For some reason I’m not able to see those options on after the installation? And when I’m in the farm management and in farm solution it says deployed for both my central admin and sharepoint site.


Probably the feature needs to be enabled on the Site Collection. Go to the Site Collection you want to manage, go to Site Settings -> Site Collection Features. Enables the Forms Based Authentication Management feature. Then the menu items should appear in Site Settings for managing FBA Users and Roles. You also need to ensure you’re signed in as a Site Collection Administrator in order to see the links.


Hey Chris, when I go to the site collection features there is no “Form Based Authentication Management” feature. I also ensured that I am a Site collection Admin. Are there any other areas I can check this?


Ensure that you’re looking at Site Collection Features and not just Site Features. If it’s not in Site Collection Features, then it hasn’t been deployed to that web application. You can check the deployment status in Central Admin -> System Settings -> Manage Farm Solutions.


On my farm - solution management it looks like i only have the visigo.sharepoint.formbasedauthentication.wsp deployed. It looks like there needs to be a fbaconfigfeature.wsp as well?


I also see the aspx pages in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\FBA\MANAGEMENT folder as well


Theres also an error in my IIS that says - "Could not retrieve the roles because the roles provider may not be correctly configured


No, just the single wsp contains everything.


The error in IIS is expected - SharePoint uses it’s own membership provider which is not compatible with IIS.

So does the wsp show as deployed to your web application? Does the feature show up in Site Collection Features?


Gotcha, Yes the wsp is deploy on the web app that I need it too but still no site collection feature… I’ve included screenshots before




I’m not sure then - as long as you access the site collection from one of the url’s listed in Deployed To, it should be listed in the Site Collection Features. Next thing I’d suggest is to retract the solution in Central Admin, followed by a Deploy and then see if the site collection feature is there. If that doesn’t work, i’d try running the deploy powershell script that came with the FBA Pack, which should remove + reinstall everything:

.\deploy http://arsftpprd/sites/mysitecollection (but using the url to your site collection).

The above should activate the feature as well, so it should just be working after running that.