User menu option not linked to "Change Password Page"?

Quick question (I hope): the "Change Password" option in the user's drop-down menu redirects to http://[sitename]/_layouts/fba/ChangePassword.aspx regardless of the address I enter into the "Change Password Page" box on .../_layouts/FBA/Management/FBASiteConfiguration.aspx . Why is that? Could anyone provide some starting point or directions for modifying the "Change Password" drop-down menu option to use the Change Password Page URL from FBASiteConfiguration.aspx instead of the generic .../_layouts/fba/ChangePassword.aspx? Thanks!

The Change Password page URL is used for the emails that get sent by the pack and currently nowhere else.  It's configurable so that if you create your own Change Password page and add the Change Password web part to it, you can point the email to that page.  

The Change Password drop-down menu option is hard linked to the built in Change Password page.  If you'd like to change the location, currently you'd have to change the element.xml file under FBAMenus.

Alternatively, if you want a custom version of the default Change Password page, you could modify the built in page that the menu already points to.

Thanks! That looks really promising, I'll try it out and report back what I find.

Worked like a charm. Great little package you've put together!