User not able to see FBA options in Site Settings

I have set an FBA user as a Site Collection Administrator.

He is unable to see any of the FBA options that are packaged with this tool.

Is there something that you know of that would stop this from happening?

Typically, we use an fbaadmin account (FBA-based) and then I am using my AD account as Site Collection Administrators that were assigned during the creation of the root site.

I am Primary, fbaadmin is Secondary.  I added a new user, then added him to the Site Collection Administrators list in Site Settings and that didn't work.  I then proceeded to remove fbaadmin and replace it with this user from the "Change Site Collection Administrators" in Central Administration, and still nothing.

Can you see the options when you are logged in via AD? If not, make sure that the "Forms Based Authentication Management" feature is active in Site Settings -> Site Collection Features.

Yes, I can see them.  That is why I am perplexed.  I have used this tool before and I was pretty sure Site Collection Administrators should see it.

I have an AD account that can see it and one Forms-based account that can see it.

I added an account as a site collection administrator, and that account cannot see your FBA links in Site Settings.

That is very strange. As long as the other site collection administrators can see the links, as long as they are a site collection admin, they should be able to see them. Can you verify that the user is able to do other site collection administrator only activities: